Cricket Match India First Win Win In Australia

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First time in Adelaide SA, Australia, India off, to a good start, with exceptional, “Win”, as of now

A recall to the Cricket Match India in Adelaide SA, Australia


1977, 1978, 1981

2003, 2008, 2018

It’s being a thing of the past, as history of cricket, of almost, “70 years”, is passed. Home ground matches are played to the best by, “Individual teams”, as the native skills, of the cricketers plays icing on the cake, for the entire host team. “India” has been successful for the most of the time, on home grounds but the real-caliber, is always on the test on International series between participating countries.

We are having an ongoing series of matches in, “Australia”, amongst different participating countries. Though India is well-known globally for Cricket credits, it has been playing in Australia for almost, “12 long years” . This happens to be the, “11th Test Series“, match between, “India”, and. “Australia”.

This time India seems to have an favoured ace over Adelaide SA, Australia, as we got fabulous outcomes for India in the form of the following Statistics

Cricket Match Today
Cricket Match Highlights


  • It was this above mentioned year and era when, “India”, got to play for the very first time out of home grounds in the country, “Australia”.
  • Now, Indian team is playing for its most covetous 12th match over here.
  • Bravo“&, “Three Cheers“, for Indians – As the beginning of the ongoing series of matches was almost great, superb and tremendous, with very first initial breakthrough success in the form of the coveted Win.
  • “Literally”, “India”, won its very first match in the, “12th Test Series.


Dual Win

  • India appeared as victorious against Australia for two matches. It was full-fledged for India.
  • 2008
  • So, it was this year 2008 that was the very last won match for India.
  • Appeared as Perth Tet winner.
  • As India was the only team in the team in the cricket world to have won 2 matches in Adelaide .


On Adelate cricket field India got to witness the last win in the year 2003

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