France With FiFa World CUP 2018 Forever Since 1998: A Big Win

France vs Uruguay
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The philosophy of FIFA is to expand world soccer space, to spread out the world football space.
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France facts

France has made a high proclaimed victory in Fifa World Cup 2018. The global world has rejoiced a lot on the powerful electrifying performance of France world cup squad as this Sunday marked the biggest achievements by France in terms of fame,name and game.

The France hallmark is usually attached to its hautecouture expertise as world’s fashion capitals, for fashion freaks as the capital, Paris, stands equal to Milan, London, , New York City in deilvering priceless stylised clothes.

France population

Talking about French films and flicks it account for 35% of the total film revenues of France, which is the highest gross revenues in percentage  bracket of national film in the developed world outside the United States.

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France language

French is the language for the fashionable country also known best for the delectable taste of inumerious wine brand and sumptuous cuisine.

France country

France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. , Lyon’s Roman theater and the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history..

France capital

Considered as the tourist destination with approx of about 10 millions tourists a year,with Paris, its capital, and Effil Tower as the world heritage

France football team

France football team is the all new winner of FiFA World Cup 2018 and bagged the Trophy with pride and valour.

Kudos To France football !!


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