Nick Jonas Boyish Good Looks For Miss Piggy Chops: Happily Married

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There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage 

Martin Luther

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Nick Jonas is more of an actor with, “exceptional good-looks”, with one of the recent great good movie named, “Goat”, with enact portrayal of Big Brother against hazing widespread issues.

In-fact the movie was indeed an eye opener for the perfect story, direction , content , theme and a unique concept of movies for the niche audiences catering to the college grads

Can we classify Nick Jonas into a question often searched widely on Google, “Who is the handsome boy in the world”, Yes Nick got the magnetic youthfull persona topped with suave, dandy appearances of a young handsome actor.

Most Handsome Boy In The World
Nick as Teen Courtesy Instagram nickjonas Verified

Today’s tech-savvy Celebs are extra proactive on, “Instagram”, which is having a user base of 1 billion monthly active users that accounts for almost global 264.9 million happy followers worldwide out of 3 Billion Smartphone owners.

So, we do have our Master Nick, also on Instagram we can say him so, as he looks damn cute as a lad even he is now happily married to, “Priyanka Chopra”, of, “Quantico fame”, which is an American television drama thriller series.

Nick Jonas Married
Nick Jonas Married Courtesy Instagram nickjonas Verified

Although Nick weighs less on Instagram popularity in terms of followers as compared to his better half but Nick is an interest of many global female fan following too.

Nick’s 1456 Posts on Instagram pulled attention of 18.9 m followers in touch with his real-time nanosec updates, while he is following some close knit circle of his 656 acquaintances.

Though Nick seems underheight to Miss Piggy Chops, so what’s the fuss we witnessed the same with our Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman during their marital bliss.

There are infinite queries for Google searches centred on: Is Nick Jonas handsome, how tall is Nick Jonas and how old is Nick Jonas? But I believe after old-age Encyclopedia we have new-age Wikipedia answers for everybody out there.

Even well organised greatly written information on,”What is nick jonas’s band nick name””, on Wikipedia do let us know more on Nick being a great singer with best albums. In Fact it’s a good great match between the two as Priyanka herself being a singer some time back with great flagship albums to her credit too.

The Most Handsome Boy
Nick Jonas as cynosure Courtesy Instagram nickjonas Verified

Nick Jonas is married to Priyanka in Jaipur, in a quiet ceremony although it was a family function wrapped into a complete sabbatical destination wedding blessing for the two busiest celebs as personalities in their own professional world

Nick Jonas wedding happens to be an auspicious occasion of dual wedding in which one was performed with Christian tradition and rituals and another was a pompous big fat Indian wedding.

The month of December becomes a history in the Miss World Dates to remember as both Nick and Nick Jonas wife, “Miss World 2000” are bonded in marriage nuptial as institution on 2 and 3 December 2018 with wedding bells and blessings of family and friends. Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi blessed both the cute couples on their long embark and foray into one soulmate, love birds and made for each other great wedding of the year 2018 after Virat ♥Anushka, and Ranbeer ♥ Deepika Padukone.



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