Story of Adam and Eve: Handsome Boy As Scion

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Thanks to the God for giving us this precious life and the second credit goes to our, “biological parents” that acted as a medium, in procreating us, as their loved ones offspring. The beginning of the world goes with the story of, Adam and Eve, the brainchild gift of, “Almighty God” to the Earth. God created and moulded, “Adam out of dust and gave him the heaven, in the form of the, “Garden of Eden”.

To accompany him God then created, “Eve” from one of Adam’s ribs . Both were specifically told by God, not to eat the, “Forbidden fruit” but they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden and then they civilized the humanity…

Adam and Eve
Almighty God

The forbidden fruit in Adam and Eve still exists in the modern society with its magical significance

The Bible story holds significance of Adam, as the first human ever about 6000 years ago, but scientifically vast research in the field of  human genetics, gives us the another facet to the Adam and Eve story civilization, with the discovery of Y-chromosomal Adam vis-à-vis Y-chromosomal most recent common ancestor (Y-MRCA) .


The crux of the story of Adam and Eve relates similarly to the modern world and modern man as well.  We are born, as, “boy” and, “girl” carefully programmed by our parents, to get accustomed to this world as we live, learn and grow gradually, reaching adolescence and adulthood then transforming into, “man” and, “woman”. The forbidden fruit still exists as we dont live our entire life alone, as we find our better half in the form of a, “girlfriend” and, “wife”, so we began our family, living on with the daily chores of household activities, and  investing our time into meeting the needs of the family.


Why boys are sometime special in the family?

This blog somehow, relates to being handsome with the, “title URL” so, I will specifically focus on, “boy” here rather than the complexity of the boy girl. 

So, what’s so special about being a boy? Boy always is the cynosure of the family, with most of the families don’t differentiate on, gender inequality, as we have girls who sometime brings honor to the family by being crowned in the beauty pageant.


The parental genes plays a vital role in accelerating the handsome factor or we can say every boy in this world is damn handsome, in the heyday of adolescence. Boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth or inheriting blue blood living a princely life is as handsome as, we have boys who are born in poverty and living in hardships because, it’s the hormones that decide the beauty of the person.

I love being adolescent, it’s the beautiful phase of life!

Talking about the life’s beautiful phase that delight the person to the maximum is being, “adolescent” for a limited time in lifetime. Adolescent is a stage that changes the person thoroughly with abundant changes, in the physical exterior and looks. Being a boy you would definitely like to look at your best in the mirror that shows you off the significant changes physically like heightened exterior, chiselled face, broader chest with six pack abs, if you happen to be more successful in the gym itself.

So, a mirror is the best friend to boost the natural inner confidence to groom for extra handsomeness by combing hair into complete new styles and experimenting further with the fascination of Justin Bieber Hair, Leonardo dicaprio stunning appearances, Tom Cruise attractive persona.

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