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Commercials For Kids
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We got to see a new child actor amazing talent to, “speak up”, the word, “Pour Rub Pour” in Commercial For Kids that made the advertising agency feel proud to have excelled the sales figure

Why advertisements having kids always boost the sales funnel, in the form of TV commercials?

The answer is, “offsprings”, “kids” and “toddlers” are the special human beings, loved most by the, “adult genre”, of this universe. The usual feel to start, loving a, “baby”, is triggered instantly, as soon as we, “adults” spot a baby with unusual activities.  This is the very basic bonding between an adult and a baby that makes this world, free of stress as the, “new borns”, are always an infinite, resource of, “immense happiness”.


Commercial appeal

This time-tested formula is, well experimented into various traditional marketing gimmicks earlier, is now completely overtaken by the viral videos of  YouTube. YouTube is the  most visited American video-sharing website, which is a favorite in cyberspace having near about 200 millions Daily Visitors.

Commercial For Kids

Talking about the  commercials on Indian Television channels, 1.324 billion Indian people love the innovative commercial which relate to the household solutions and remedies. The one we have has got commercial appeal with stubborn stains on the daily wear, completely removed off by the magic of, “Surf Excel Matic Liquid”.

Commercial Parody

This commercial’s commercial success is thoroughly credited, to the child actor, “Pour-Rub -Pour”, that beautifully says, the commercial jingles, pour-rub-pour”. This is not the very first time, “television advertisements”, made their way into the household heart; we had earlier so much high quality, “appealing commercials”, with kids as the centerstage, making the message of the advertisement loud and clear.

Moreover the television commercial advertising, focussed on newborns is a complete win win ground for companies showing their baby products to the families and the newly married.

baby oil

Some nice facts:

When was the first television commercial made?

It was July 1, 1941 that opened complete new avenues, to, “experiment” and, “innovate” in television commercial, as a direct marketing asset, for the companies, to showcase their products, on much larger scale.

Get more info Here: Watch: The first TV commercial, which aired 75 years ago today

Television Commercials in India relates well with the, “emotional bonds” in sync with the, “family values” that becomes an instant hit with the audiences. Young generation have always have a fad for glitz and glamour, sometimes move into, a professional foray into television commercial actors, achieve pinnacle of success. Best televison commercial happens to be the one, that shows us gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who later on becomes India Proud as, “Miss World 1994”, Title winner.

Aishwarya rai first commercial ad

So, what would be the television commercials kind, in the upcoming year 2018 that might be highly influenced, by the likes, of the emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics,and Internet of thing.


With due Video Courtesy Of FlipKart

We have got one in the form of Flipkart all new innovative series of TV Commercials with the budding talented cast of Kids into it.


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