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“Handsome” is the  english word that delivers about 28,90,00,000 results in 0.63 seconds through superpower search engine major Google. It means that the virtual dependency on the cyberspace reflects the significance of this handsome person terminology that captures the interest of all the human beings.

This blog is an initiative hobbyist work, about fair and handsome human person who took birth on Earth and just minorities of them came into the limelight, of silver screen and soap opera, being credited to the divine search of the Movie Directors.

young handsome actors

So, what about others, who could not make their career and build up their repute as a film personality or we can say the very rule of mathematical jinx of, probability formula of, “permutation and Commutation”, hampered their discovery to the silver screen.

This very question was a big confusion into my mind, when I feel sad about millions of extremely handsome men left undiscovered who could have been the, “cynosure” of the world by, becoming the handsome actors.

The teen age is the best phase into one’s life, where we can befriend with the mirror and as the best friend can make a big difference into our life, so similarly the mirror, as a friend can boost us to groom in a better way. And next is the luck, laced with confidence can make us fortunate to land a role into the silver screen.

This blog is a small but significant approach, to showcase human beings probably, “male ones” who fall in the category of, “best handsome boy” or, “best handsome man”.

Vision is the most important God gifted ultimate human senses to view the worldly beauty and use about 65 % of the brain power. Though, scientifically the human eye can only perceive three photo colors red, blue and green while all the other colors are combination of these. We are automatically programmed, since birth from genes to detect and observe the handsome person around us.

The average life of humans is enhancing credited to the ever growing progress in medical science and we are lucky species on earth, to have the gift of visionary power to be able to process, some 24 million different images. This is something good for the globe trotter as with the benefits of eyes he/she, can effectively process 36,000 bits of information each hour, as you see with your brain via visual cortex of the brain.

Eyes lens is quicker than camera, no doubt you can identify the “good looking” features of the running, “handsome guy”, but then you need to avail the hi-tech innovations of the millennium in the form of, “Google Glasses” to print them down through “HP Sprocket Photo Printer”.

Sources: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/more-than-meets-the-eye-50-facts-about-your-eyes.html



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