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Almighty, “God“, has given us invaluable life that must be precious,

for our, “well-wishers“, and our creator

i.e our, “Biological Parents“,

because they are the ones,

we are inheriting tremendous genes from into our life; to live on a great, “humane“, life in this most beautiful world,

Blue Planet“, which is a hub of

7.6 Billion progressive intelligent people in this Universe!



Almost everyone is born, “good”, and, “nice”, even, “good looking”, at some time of his,” teen”, years.

This blog is a flagship initiative work focussed on the following issues

  • We, do have beauty pageant that are female dominating and centred around Miss UniverseMiss World and Miss Asia Pacific, but we do not have a dedicated Beauty Pageants for, even boys, who wish to showcase their handsome looks to the world and gain attention from media and glitz.

  • There might have some or few renowned pageants(Mr International) out there for men but they are not targeted on wide scale by the global countries when sending their chosen handsome boys to the beauty pageant for international contests.

So, this Blog might be a foundation  stone into being developed, as the the hub of, “online info”, catering to the handsome boys born on this earth, although celebs are being given, due weightage but there is an added functionality in the UX of the site for end users:

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