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The talent and the looks become a gifted asset when you become a part of the Hollywood fraternity. Born in March 14, 1994 in New York United States, American Ansel Elgort is one of the most handsome actors with soft skills of being a singer and a DJ himself. It’s been a long tradition in the Hollywood fraternity to cast a young actor with superfluous good looks that cast an instant spell on the audience, with a consequence of profound global viewership. Ansel Elgort marked his presence in Hollywood silver screen by playing, “Augustus Waters” in the romantic flick namely, “The Fault in Our Stars” globally released in 2014.

This movie holds a lot for extremely handsome man Ansel, as his initial global recognition came in the form of well deserved achievements when he bagged three awards in the following categories for the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”.

Fan Favorite Actor – Male
Best On-Screen Couple (shared with Shailene Woodley)
Best New Film Actor

Ansel Elgort Young

This is a huge success for a handsome young man having a height of 6-foot-4 who is remarkably born to be a model drifted his career into Hollywood. The next big thing is that actor Ansel Elgort makes news because of his childhood girlfriend Violetta Komyshan who is a more than a better half to Ansel despite being single. They bond so well that at one time the glitz of silver screen and the busy schedule got them apart for a while, as Ansel had to concentrate on his movies projects.

Social Media Craze Of Most Handsome Actors Ansel Elgort

Instagram is a big social media platform well known for online photo and video sharing service. Another one namely Twitter is also a hub of Celebrity online status updates but popularity wise Instagram is the first priority of celebrities to connect well with fan base at real time.

Boyish Ansel Elgort Instagram account is enriched with 8.8 million active followers from around the world and Ansel too loves and cherish the growing followers list as he likes putting fabulous post of daily activities out there.

Though Justin Bieber is one and only reigning superstar young canadian online talent and discovery that have rocked the music industry, with his mindblowing albums, but Ansel too has the double effect, as the, “actor” and, “singer” . Ansel singing persona is available as Non-album singles in the form of, “Home Alone”,” Thief” released in the year 2016 and, “You Can Count On Me” and,” All I Think About Is You”.

Ansel Elgort Latest Movie

The next musical movie, “Baby Driver” Ansel has moved into an entirely different act where he enacted as a young getaway driver involved in a heist doomed to fail. The future movie he is doing is available in the form of tweets as follows. Moreover you can connect with him online on twitter and Instagram by following his twitter handle and Instagram Posts.

Ansel Elgort (@AnselElgort) · Twitter

On Instagram Ansel Elgort(@ansel)


After his successful enact as Baby Driver, Ansel Elgort will be seen sharing the, on screen chemistry with, Chloë Grace Moretz where he will be seen as a teenager working on his own investigation of a murder in Washington D.C. The global fans are desperately looking forward to the release of this all new movie.


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