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Star Plus is the top most Hindi language entertainment TV channel loved by Indians globally, credited to it’s out-of-the-box entertaining serials and reality shows.

Nowadays we have all-new Star Plus serial,”Meri Durga”, which is absolutely at peak on TRP is a true Paras Kalnawat serials, adding more twist and turns in the story.

Paras Kalnawat Cute Pic
Image Courtesy Of Instagram paras_kalnawat Verified

Paras Kalnawat is an emerging superstar of Indian Soap Opera On star Plus.

Paras Kalnawat model is more from  Mumbai and he participated on few talent hunt cum male modeling contest prior to landing most anticipated role in Meri Durga Serial as we know Paras Kalnawat from Meri Durga.

Being a millennial actor, he debuted with one of the high profile TV channel, “Start Plus”, already renowned for successfully launching the career of many youth. In fact Star Plus is always credited for bringing, a fresh and best talent onscreen, wrapped in a interesting soap that is liked by many Indian household. Or we, can say TV serial is the next big platform that opens a big scope for budding Indian actors to try their luck on the big silver screen as such as we have Sushant Singh Rajput    now doing big and great in bollywood movies

Paras Kalnawat and Terence

In order to boost his acting caliber Paras was involved into dancing classes run by dancing Gurus likes Terence academy, where he was able to sharpen his talent for a big leap on TV soap.

Paras Kalnawat Hd Photos
Image Courtesy Of Instagram paras_kalnawat Verified

Paras Kalnawat age in Meri Durga

The much popular TV serial Meri Durga aired on Star Plus gave us two exceptional stars enacting the role of SP (Sanjay Prince) as a kid and as a Youth. The kid part of the role was played by Yash Mistry, “Indian cute child actor”, while the youth transformation of the enact was carried on by, “Paras Kalnawat actor”, himself.

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Get complete celeb info from very authentic Wikipedia pages

Though Paras Kalnawat fans following are extra anxious to know more about his dob, education, parents, serial list and shows, but Paras Kalnawat actor wiki page has not been created yet.

Become one of the 24.9 k followers of Paras Kalnawat Instagram, “PARAS. KALNAWAT”, where the photogenic snaps and videos are available for the entire fan following or we can equally connect with Paras Kalnawat in Meri Durga Instagram

Celebrate favorite Celeb B’Day in the offing

Paras Kalnawat born, in the year 1996 is a teen celeb of 20 years 11 months 29 days Paras Kalnawat date of birth happens on 09/11/1996. You have a cool reason to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Para Kalnawat as on 9/11/1996

Starplus mire durga sp instagram pic

starplus mire durga sp instagram pic

Image Courtesy of Instagram paras_kalnawat Verified Following


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