Randeep Rai Handsome Boy In Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

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I’m extremely easy to watch. I think I’m generally handsome, charming.

Chip Gaines

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“Randeep Rai” seems to be the person, mostly watched, in every household in the form of a more popular, “Sony TV”, daily soap surprise, with the name, “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai”.

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As the climax of this very coming of age romantic serial is on the wrap with the much awaited,”wedding bells”, for our Randeep as, “Sameer”, going to be held with pre-wedding functions of engagement; this serial promise a lot in terms of a perfect romantic movie in as serial of yesteryear flashback of the retro era.

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The whole concept of the serial story rocks with the sentiments and the emotional twist of the audience fan, as each and every episodes progress, with plenty of melodrama, centered around two not aligned families, as the boy is a richie rich and his sweetheart is from the mediocre family, with good moral ethics as a powerful educational family background.

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What is Our star Randeep Rai age?

Randeep Rai Birthday happens to be held on, “8 June”, every year. he was born on 1993 (of age 25)

Model seems to be tall dark and handsome does Randeep is blessed with a decent height that sync well with his physical experior?

What is Our young celeb Randeep Rai Height would be any guesses?

Randeep is having, a Height of 1.68 m which is equivalent to something as (5 ft 6 in)

Do you like Randeep Rai Shows? In Fact everyone do but the female followings love to be couch potato only for Randeep

Talking about Randeep Rai serials, we have the one and the only serial that made him, an overnight start of daily soap is none other than,”Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai”.

What is the Our star Randeep Rai Education?

Let’s find out more of Randeep Rai Lifestyle

Randeep Rai Girlfriend: They seems to be having a chemistry ? Watch n get to know yourself on instagram with pics of Randeep Rai And Ashi Singh

What is Randeep Rai Instagram?

Become a follower of Randeep on his official website and at Instagram randeepraii Verified and get nanosec updates



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