Dylan Minnette Rocks Again After Netflix 13 Reasons Why

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My first introduction to pop music was probably the Osmonds, the Jackson 5, the BeeGees… Then the Beatles eventually. My father was pretty specific about what we listened to early on

Nick Jonas

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On Minnette’s Acting…

Most handsome Minnette’s rocked the fraternity of movie lovers with his exceptional Acting along with Music. Balancing both the gifted skills he is well known globally with niche followers on social media.

A star from Evansville, Indiana, Minnette is the son of proud parents Robyn and Craig Minnette.

While living in Champaign, Illinois, for five years, and he later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a successful career in acting.

Get a detailed read on Dylan Minnette Movies  Minnette the superb here

Dylan Minnette handsome
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“Minnette’s Being Cutie Pie Kid As Friends”

 Handsome Young Actor Dylan Minnette
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“Dylan Minnette Singing, Acting is Always Awesome….”


“That’s how dedicated of Minnette’s Singing, Acting, Altogether…”

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hey im @braedenlemasters

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“How we love his melodious music a lot…”




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