Love’s Labour’s Lost 2k19 February 14: Teens Delight Day

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Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love

William Shakespeare

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Valentines round the corner with, “millennials”, and the, “millions”, who are planning for the best to, “woo”, the best.

How would you think this time of year, “2019”, would make your, “D day”, the awesome with your, “Sweat heart”,”Heartthrob”, sitting besides you.

The, “infatuation”, can become a, “fling”, and the, “fling”, can convert into, “love”, and the, “love”, into, “relations”, and you become two with one, “soul”, you discover your, “soulmate”.

The, “teenage”, is always a bundle of surprise, as you fall in love with your, “class girl”, and you can’t even express or sometime you aren’t aware of that, “cupid”, control over your, “biochemical”, reactions.

For this very reason a, “veto vote”, always goes in favour of studying in, “coeducation”, as your best beginning to, “unravel”, the worldly mysteries.

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You fight with your, “best buddy”, to woo the girl he likes or unwantedly you three fell in a kind of, “love triangle”, well there may be many instances of such kind, experienced by everyone, in some moment of their life in either school or college.

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Often the, “luckiest”, one are those on this, “planet”, who are always in, “minority”, who win the girl they love dearly, as their, “better half”, as, “lifelong partner”.

Taken back to the Boredom days of our Parents and Grandparents, they use to find true love after marriage,

“Oh such a boring phenomenon to a, millennial kid of 2019”

who can leverage the company of many Gf (Girlfriend) or Bf (Boyfriend), as a natural thing, before he or she finally settle in marriage.

Though tech surprises as GPS dating apps, often expedite all this, as a gift of the century.

Valentine Day Images
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We can draw inspiration from, “Ansel Elgort “who has discovered, the perfect, “better half”, in his, “childhood crush”, and he waited no longer, to start living every moment of his life with her and they seems to be the, “ideal lovely couple”, on Earth

Valentine Day Images 2019
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They are in love every sec, every minute, and every hour, bonded together as, “Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic”, giving a message, aloud that its not too late yet,

to share your feelings, to someone you love a lot,

because that someone would be the luckiest to discover, you as the, “one”, who cares a lot only for her upto the most in this world.

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