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This the optimum time for the youngsters and the millenials, all who have entered into the month of March 2018 post Valentines day of 14 February 2018 to solidify some date ideas before its been late!

Okay, For boys who are cool about the freaky ideas about getting romped in a relationship through date; owing to a crush on the girl next door(neighbours ) apart from being lust. Get tuned in for a couple of minutes to diagnose the jinx of being alone and get off to a starter, friendship via dating platforms.

This is the famous saying that the pair are made in heaven, but we need to put that extra effort to search out the one that is truly made for you. Did you ever had a crush in school days? Superb then that lucky girl is suppose to be your first initial dream date forever.

But it’s the natural kind of thing between the boys community that some of them are truy active and straightforward and they win. On the other hand the kind of boys who are somewhat scholar and a bit of shy to approach the dreamgirl, what will be the fate for them?

Love at firts sight

Either you have to plan some ways to let the girl know about the secret that you have crush on her and it’s not usual fling or you have to prove that you are extra handsome boy she is missing on.

Few tips to win her heart like

  • Do your homework to know more about her likes and dislikes in the form of music or movies
  • You can get dressed in one of your killing attire out of your wardrobe, such as a (white shirt/T-shirt) paired along with navy blue denim of your choice. In dressing anyhow Boys knows the best to steal some ideas of anyone of their role model and  ideal may be legendary rockstar Justin bieber way of being handsome at some point of time.


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  • Get to know about her leisure activities and talk about them whenever you meet in the school recess hours

Don’t lose your heart as Indeed all the boys in their teens appears to have some short of youthful charm, that creates a magic effect to win girl’s heart. This is a universal fact, “All the parents out there must know” as a boy is more than happy if their parents give a support hand to chalk out the date ideas. “Wow“, what the world would have been than?

Bizzare date ideas in old days

  • Throwing a piece of paper in the shape of aeroplane on to the girls desk and then punished in school
  • Approaching the girl’s best friend to convey the love feelings in the form of a Greeting Card
  • Writing love letters. Almost all of us past the dotcom era might have written one or two in our teen years.

Bizzare date ideas in 2018

  • Tuning on to the majority of online date site, online chatting portals one of the famous was yahoo messenger created and targeted to global youths.
  • Even online dating mobile app like Tinder happens to be the best of best for everything from getting date to a relationship in a superfast way.

Become a Music maniac

Although you are not a singer yourself but music makes a person happier to fantasy about the best time with the best person in life. Have a nice collection of your favorite songs and sort-out ways to present it in a wrapped gift and hand it over to your dream girl. Or iTune her

The Bookish date Ideas, You dont have to be a bookworm either

Books too plays a vital role in tuning two persons together and cementing and unifying their likes as a bond. Maybe you would present her a Podcast.

Make your Date wonderful and inspire a bit with,” Ansel elgort Love “, and do share your stories of bizzare date ideas you have gone through in your life.





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