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There are cliques in Bollywood, and People stick together, but I have always tried to stick to my work. As an industry, Bollywood is very competitive, and I’m very competitive as a person, but I’ve never been a part of any clique, and I’ve always worked with all actors and directors, all camps

Priyanka Chopra

As a Superstar of Bollywood at the highest peak of bollywood blockbusters roller coaster we have our Handsome Man Actor Rajesh Khanna surprises of hit songs as followings:

About Songs of our very own, “dada“, Rajesh Khanna Sir, as he was known more popularly by this title in Bollywood, I would say that the charisma, music, theme, n melodious composition, would literally make any toddler on Earth bypass, the best of music, out of year 2018 Chartbuster anyways on Personal Note.


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An Uncle Lookalike who will pamper you to the best!!

Favourite Chacha
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A listener more of a friend indeed, so candid that you can convey your troubles to when your biological parents are pretty busy in the economic activities professionally or of household chores.

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The Ultimate n Optimum results. An Aunt So cool like this

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Or you could be the Luckiest in this way as well…..

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Rajesh Khanna redefined, a white collar job of immense Prestige, Pride, Praise as an Air Force handsome young Pilot of guts and glitz and rocked music freaks allover with his chartbuster of yesteryear hits collection to his credit.

It seems equally, at par, with the Hollywood Blockbuster flick namely, “Top Gun”, yup Mr. Rajesh Khanna Sir competes well with the likes of handsome hollywood actor, our very own, “Tom Cruise”, but what literally differs our Bollywood n Hollywood together; yes Hollywood is always, an invaluable treasure trove resource of Action, Adventure, Sizzling Story, Creatives Content n  Graphics which are always unmatched n unparallel but Bollywood is also a treasure trove goldmine, of melodious music n songs of all scenarios at its best especially of the era of 70’s,80’s n 90’s.



So, how then a teen would react to Sir Rajesh Khanna Ji song??

Rajesh Khanna was a romantic handsome young actor, robbing hearts of millions of girl fans around of that nice era, partly with his exceptional act skills completely with his suave dandy looks which was icing on the cake with superb great songs of that time, in sync with the great ravishing, n gorgeous, actresses of that time making silver screen rock with best appearances with due respect.




The Millennials teens, are so smart these days that they are more of a marriage something kind of physical infatuations with their loved ones hidden from the outside world, so how about when they are struck alone together on either a remote place with no one except them.

Well they would be listening to the songs and they should to kill the time??



This was equally good when you are wet wet, in monsoon all around with heavy lashes of rains also melting love in between as never seen before

Mumtaz madam too had an onscreen presence well acclaimed during those days

Do you think trains are for romance think again it can be too!!!

Dear audience what do you think your favorite songs would be pls write down a list so that i can update my post for more n more people to know as well, thanks

Meanwhile you can definitely go through Over here for more info


Legendary Celeb

Rajesh Khanna












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